University of Nottingham (UoN)

Partner Bio:

On this project the UoN, is represented by academics based in the Architecture, Climate and Environment (ACE) research group. The ACE research group aims to inform the sustainable practice of architecture and engineering, in order to enhance the quality of the built environment through world leading fundamental and applied collaborative research. The work undertaken by the group is predominantly related to mitigating the impacts of, and adapting to, climate change, reducing energy use in the built environment, and enhancing comfort, productivity and wellbeing of building users.

The group was formed by combining the strengths of the well-established Sustainable Energy Technology Group and the newer Environmental Design in Architecture Group, to form a group with a comprehensive range of expertise in sustainability in the built environment. The research undertaken focuses on two broad priority areas: 

  • Sustainable energy in the built environment (technology focus) and,
  • Climate responsive architecture (design focus).

Project Interest:

The academics involved from the UoN ACE research group bring a wealth of experience in government, industry and EU funded projects. Their collective knowledge of the sustainable built environment is of great benefit to the success of the project. With responsibility towards the early stages of the project the UoN will look to share their knowledge of BEMS usability and technology as well as develop the control platform to enable everyday optimisation of energy-efficient comfort. The UoN team is keen to develop upon the innovations within the project and exploit the research output from the project.

Key Personnel Involved:

Prof Saffa Riffat, Principle Investigator: Saffa brings a wealth of academic management experience, overseeing a project portfolio of over ten million pounds. His industrial collaborations helped bring the consortium partners together and he continues to offer his academic insight into the functionality of the system.

Prof Mark Gillott, Co-Investigator: Following numerous EU and industry funded projects Mark has developed specialism in energy management. His key insight into the BEMS technology sector and associated control strategies will inform the development of the UoN contribution.

Dr Chris Wood, Co-Investigator: Having worked in industry before his academic career, Chris continues to maintain his industrial links through effective knowledge transfer projects. His understandings of building physics, industrial standards and control have aided the development and delivery of the project.