There are five key stages of the ASSEMBLE project with project partners taking a lead in each respective stage. The consortium comprises of TerOpta (business lead & controls expert), Monodraught (products and passive optimisation), Costain (end user base), National Energy Foundation (NEF) and the University of Nottingham (UoN) (design, modelling, software, trialling expertise). The system proposed draws on our expertise and knowledge gained in building performance evaluation and energy efficient refurbishment, together with our experience in developing energy management solutions and creating intuitive user interfaces.

Stage 1: Specification and Design

Led by the National Energy Foundation (NEF), the work will detail the scope of the project, identify key requirements of the developed system and clarify the exploitation strategy.

Stage 2: Hardware Development

Making use of their extensive knowledge of PLC technology, TerOpta lead the hardware development stage.

Stage 3: System Development

Led by the University of Nottingham (UoN), the simplicity of the developed interface will be developed, concealing the complex BEMS control to make the system suitable for everyday users.

Stage 4: Field Trials

Following effective development of the ASSEMBLE system Monodraught and Costain will work together to test the system under real-world conditions.

Stage 5: Dissemination

Collaboratively led by UoN and TerOpta, the academic and commercial findings of the project will be shared with interested parties. Please contact TerOpta for updates on output events.