TerOpta Ltd

Partner Bio

TerOpta is a UK-based SME, formed in 2010, whose core business is the design, development and manufacture of in-building control and communication equipment for commercial buildings (especially suited for retro-fit, but also in cost-sensitive new-build), initially for lighting control but migrating into full building energy management systems. We also engage in consultancy and contract design in the field of optical telecommunications. TerOpta’s management and staff have a strong background in UK telecoms companies (Marconi/GPT/GEC/Plessey) and have extensive experience of managing large complex projects and delivering state of the art products to global markets. Our skills cover project management, system-level design, modelling, detailed hardware, software and FPGA development and testing. Our staff also have extensive experience in transferring products to production, including design for test/manufacture, production support, factory audits, trouble-shooting etc. These wide ranging skills are vital in designing and producing an intelligent building control system.

Project Interest

TerOpta is the overall leader of the ASSEMBLE project, as well as being Stage 2 leader. TerOpta intends to manufacture and sell the ASSEMBLE system, which is being developed using the existing TeroLight intelligent lighting product from TerOpta as a base platform and starting point. This is the principal exploitation route for the project results. Within the project, TerOpta is providing expertise and resource in the areas of: system design, hardware design (both digital and analogue), software design (low-level embedded firmware, GUI and IP/Ethernet communications).

Key Personnel Involved:



Michael Sharratt, CEO & ASSEMBLE Project Manager

Mike has held many senior Engineering Management roles, leading large developments and teams of over one hundred engineers. He holds three patents in communication system design.






Paul Callan, CTO

Paul has been technical lead in the company for several Innovate UK and EU-funded projects. He is skilled in analogue hardware, optical, control system design, simulation and modelling. Paul will provide system and hardware design. He holds several patents in optical and control system design.