ASSEMBLE – Adaptive SystemS for Energy Management in Buildings with Low cost and Enhanced usability

The aim of this project is to develop an innovative easy to install, flexible, low cost building monitoring and management system infrastructure and interface. The system is to be based on the power line carrier (PLC) technology currently used by TerOpta in their lighting control systems which has the cost and practical benefit of not requiring any additional wiring whilst also not being subject to the constraints and drawbacks of wireless technologies. This in turn will make the product well suited to both new build and refurbishment applications. It will also be well suited to smaller and simpler commercial buildings which would not traditionally have building energy management system (BEMS) installed. The product is to comprise of a basic energy metering and monitoring layer which is then expandable through the addition of supplementary modules (also to be developed as part of this project) which offer an ability to incorporate control and management functions of varying levels of sophistication depending on the building context and targets. Particular emphasis is to be placed on innovation in simplification i.e. creation of a BEMS system that is as low cost, robust and as simple to install and commission as possible.